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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your traffic come from?
    We have partnered with a network of hundreds of quality websites to deliver traffic to the rest of the internet. Using direct delivery you simply send us the URL of the website you would like us to promote, we determine what category best fits your websites targeted market, and that’s it! Once your campaign has started you will be sent login information to check your statistics in real time.
  • How can I be sure your traffic is legitimate?
    We have several “test” campaigns for very low cost. Before you purchase a full advertising campaign with Buy A Follower we recommend that you try a small campaign to ensure that your website will get a very good return on investment from our quality visitors.
  • How is your direct delivery traffic delivered?
    Your website will be shown in the form of full page ads, interstitial ads, and text links.
  • How long does it take to deliver the traffic?
    Depending on traffic conditions we are usually able to delivery 100,000 worldwide visitors per site in 7-10 days.

Website Visitors

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